What is SARAVAH Tokyo?


Europe's longest standing independent record label, perhaps even the world, SARAVAH has been creating great music since 1966. SARAVAH has been referred to as a "Laboratory of Talent" or a "Hunting ground for new discoveries that surpass boundaries." Everyday our office is filled with artists and musicians from around the world, and every night we seek the next great music icon in bars and live-houses, and we are proud to say that we have succeeded in sending some of these talents out to the world.

These new talents, when we find them they are still rough around the corners and maybe even a little clumsy at times, but they all possess the "power" that has always captured and excites us. We believe this "power", this seedling of talent has always been and always be the courageous will that never fear failure.

From our long history and experience, we know that perfection is not what is needed to prosper.

A large hall does indeed require a staging that of high quality, but a venture at a smaller hall is also a great challenge. At a smaller scale, the audience will respond to your every move, and thrill at the joy of being part of the creating process, while the artist, you will benefit off of experiencing a solo effort.

Our hope is to create a space for not only musicians to have a chance to express themselves, but to create a space for people of all ages and from all over the world can eat and drink and have a good time, while having dances, drama, reading of poetry, comic acts, and jam sessions. A not too dressed up saloon feel is what we hope for.

After living in Japan, I feel that I am not the only one that feels this way.

I always dreamed of sharing such a space in Tokyo with my friends, and have searched for a long time; I believe that my search is now come to an end. The Crossover Building in Shibuya is exactly what I was looking for.

Located just in between the sophisticated cultural center of Shoto and the hustle bustle of Shibuya, this is I believe the center in which we can cross the talents and personalities of different people, and deepen the joys of life.

CEO Atsuko Ushioda

SARAVAH is a cultural meeting place where you can enjoy music without borders, and share a moment full of excitement.

Beer 700yen Wine from 600yen and more than 40 Cocktails. Foods from 500yen music charge depending on nights, check the programme.

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